Kumail Hunaid

My name is Kumail Hunaid and I'm a designer who also writes code. I enjoy creating products and businesses that don't suck. When I'm not busy working on the Next Big Thing, I like being active and play a lot of sports.

I'm currently working in Dubai for Dubizzle as a Software Engineer. You can view my personal projects and ventures to the right or follow me on Twitter.


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Projects & Ventures


An online form builder that'll generate professional looking forms that just work.

Grid Forms

Data entry can be beautiful. An Open Source CSS framework to build forms on grids.

Car Cost Calculator

Simple tool to calculate the cost of a car over a decade.



Flakes is a frontend framework designed for internal web applications.

Responsive Elements

An open source javascript library that brings element level responsiveness.

The Movie Project

Can't figure out which movie to watch? Here is a list of popular movies grouped by year.