Kumail Hunaid

Growing up I was quite the classroom artist. Then I got a computer and never sketched again. Computers were so much more otherworldly.
My first machine was a beast — a Dell XPS that kicked ass on its 32mb of RAM. I spent my childhood on that thing, mostly playing games but also creating my first website.

In recent years, I've been lucky enough to work for the largest tech company in Dubai. Launch open source software that actually gets used by real people. And built a web application that has paying customers.

Oh, and I love boats! And road trips.


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Projects & Ventures


An online form builder that'll generate professional looking forms that just work.

Grid Forms

Data entry can be beautiful. An Open Source CSS framework to build forms on grids.

Car Cost Calculator

Simple tool to calculate the cost of a car over a decade.



Flakes is a frontend framework designed for internal web applications.

Responsive Elements

An open source javascript library that brings element level responsiveness.

The Movie Project

Can't figure out which movie to watch? Here is a list of popular movies grouped by year.