Kumail Hunaid

A little about me

As a 17-year-old in 2008, I found myself pitching to Google staff at a trade exhibition in Dubai. I was hunting for a sponsorship deal to fund an operating system GUI design competition. They let me down easy. I succeeded in getting a few sponsors lined up, but I hit other roadblocks and never released the project.

Even as a child, I spent the majority of my time working on little “projects”. I'd break apart a few toys to acquire their parts and then use those parts to build other things. For example, planes made out of a strong paper construction with a motor upfront for the propeller. These planes—of course—never flew, but they were fun to build. Sketching and painting was also great fun, and I was incredibly good at it. Today, I don't think I have changed all that much; I still enjoy doing little “projects”. Ever since I got my first computer, I was unstoppably addicted. So my creations have moved from paper to the web.

The theme was consistent when it came to my open source projects. Slave away for months. Agonize in uncertainty. Launch. If you get it right, you'll find out in the most spectacular fashion. Come launch day, my phone wouldn't stop lighting up with push notifications (Thanks to @paulirish who sent off an avalanche of tweets my way). Best feeling ever!

My proudest moments have been launching Formbakery, Responsive Elements, GridForms and Flakes. I was ecstatic when I acquired my first customer on Formbakery (@lucashuizinga Thanks bro!). That day, my excitement levels were through the roof! I was literally hopping around the house. That's what happens when you slave away for months and show your work to the world. Then it works! Someone pays you and confirms you have indeed created something of value. I love that feeling and I'm craving it again.

What am I working on now? I've got a few ideas and spend my free time thinking about them. It's challenging work and I have no clue if they will prove valuable. Only time will tell but I'm happy to do it.

Get in touch for hiring inquires. Download my Résumé. I'm @kumailht on TwitterGithub & Dribbble.

Formbakery, A Labor of love

My most ambitious work has been Formbakery (formbakery.com), a form builder that exports ready to use code. It took countless hours and a dozen iterations to get here. Today, it is the easiest drag and drop interface on the web.
I once asked a customer how they found out about Formbakery and his answer made my day; as it turns out, his university professor recommended Formbakery as a resource in class. That and tons of raving reviews later, I am confident this is one of the best things I've built.

Watch this 1 minute video to see how Formbakery works

GridForms (Open Source)

If Formbakery was my most ambitious project, GridForms was my most inspired. It came about when I was building Flakes. I realized how important forms are to internal software and figured I had to find a way to make them better. GridForms makes long data entry forms easy. The forms are densely laid out, very easy to tab through using your keyboard and look great on every device!
Try GridFroms out for yourself at kumailht.com/gridforms/

Flakes (Open Source)

Flakes helps you build internal tools that help your staff perform routine tasks quickly and painlessly. Download it at getflakes.com

Responsive Elements

It's crazy that CSS doesn't support responsive elements natively. So I built a tiny JS library that helps you do just that, make elements responsive.
Get it at kumailht.com/responsive-elements/

Car Cost Calculator

How much will your car be worth in 3 years? Save your self some time and use this calculator. It'll graph the net present value of your car over a 10 year period.
Visit car-cost-calculator.com

The Movie Project

This is what happens when I get bored on a weekend. Immerse yourself in the top movies for every year dating back to 1927. kumailht.com/the-movie-project/

Thank you

Never figured anyone would make it this far down the page. I hope you enjoyed seeing my work. If you need someone like me on your team, Get in touch for hiring inquires. Download my Résumé. I'm @kumailht on TwitterGithub & Dribbble.